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mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL server showing the queries which are taking the most amount of time to complete. Features include 'zooming' in on a process to show the complete query, 'explaining' the query optimizer information for a query and 'killing' queries. In addition, server performance statistics, configuration information, and tuning tips are provided.

mkill (MySQL kill) monitors a MySQL server for long running queries and kills them after a specified time interval. Queries can be selected based on regexes on the user, host, command, database, state and query.

Where to get it

Downloads, bug-tracking, feature requests, etc... can be found on the mtop SourceForge Homepage.

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Curses problems

There have been problems reported in getting Curses to compile under certain versions of linux (perl 5.8.0 w/threads seems to be a problem). Here's an email from someone who has a fix for linux:


2004-09-13 v0.6.6:

New feature to 'fold' select columns in main display so you can see more of the WHERE clause. Use the F key to fold or the --fold option from the command line. Also, includes mkill.PL which was missing from the v0.6.5 distribution.

2004-09-12 v0.6.5:

Minor fix to no longer require connection to test database.

2003-06-20 v0.6.4:

New Features:

2003-04-11 v0.6.3:

New Features:

Fixed negative slave offsets. Just show 0. Since the slave position is checked after the master position, it might be a bit ahead.

Fixed slave offsets where the master and slave are on different logfiles. Instead of showing a wierd number, show '> master position' since we know that we're at least that far behind plus any other intervening log files.

Fixed Mac OSX curses bugs.

Added documentation for new features. Expanded documentation on the header section.

2002-07-01 v0.6.2:

Comments are now stripped from monitor winodw. Comments will still appear in the zoom/explain views. Also removed leading spaces from display columns.

2002-05-18 v0.6.1:

Added replication status page (screen command 'r'). This page updates similar to the main screen. Three types of replication status are shown on this page: 1) master servers running on this machine, 2) slave servers running on this machine, 3) slave servers attached to this master.

2002-03-07 v0.5.1:

Added new vars and stats screens. The stats screen updates until a key is pressed. The vars screen shows the page and returns to the main screen.

Moved some of the common key handling routines into functions.

Reduced the amount of space statistics numbers take by only showing 2-4 significant digits.

Added mysqld memory usage for localhost in main header. Currently uses /proc fs and only works for root or mysql user because either the pidfile may not have permissive permissions or the proc directory may not.

2002-02-18 v0.4.1:
Display filters feature allows you to use a perl regular expression to filter on any column (user, host, db, command, state, info). Use the interactive 'd' command. Command-line options are also available for setting the same filters at startup.

Resolved some install path issues with certain perl installs.

2002-01-18 v0.3.1:
New feature to filter list by 'host'. Use the interactive 'h' command.

2002-01-07 v0.2.1:
Screen refresh was broken in 0.1.1. This has been fixed. A manual refresh mode was added to simulate the 'broken' behavior. A couple of other fatal runtime errors were fixed. An option was added to the install process to allow installation in a directory other than the perl binary location. Use the --prefix option to 'perl Makefile.PL'. A keyboard command to clear mysqld variables was added.

2001-12-21 v0.1.1
Initial release.

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